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As a major portion of the Sri Lankan cuisines comprise of rice and curry, there is a general impression that Sri Lankan food is similar to the Indian dishes. Obviously, we can draw out a huge similarity with the South Indian dishes, and Sri Lankans do eat a lot of rice, may be more than the South Indians. But there is more to their cuisine that just rice and curry.

Kottu Roti
Kottu Roti is Sri Lanka's favorite fast food. Its basically fried roti, chopped and mixed with the ingredients you choose. It is lightly spicy and extremely fulfilling to eat. Its a street food you would find in the Sri Lankan markets.
Kiribath is a special type of rice, cooked with thick coconut milk and often served during special or auspicious occasions, such as Sinhalese New Year. The basic procedure is to start by boiling a pot of rice. Before the rice finishes cooking, add coconut milk and a pinch of salt. The coconut milk makes the rice creamy and rich and helps it form a sticky consistency. Once the rice is finished cooking, it's cut into wedges and served like slices of cake.
Wood Apple
This is one of the most popular dishes in Sri Lanka. The wood apple is a Southeast Asian fruit about the size of a de-husked coconut. It also has just as hard of a shell, and a pungent, almost blue cheese aroma. Inside the shell is a dark brown paste that resembles something between tamarind pulp and fermented raisins. Wood apple can be eaten directly out of the shell, but one of the most popular ways to eat (or drink) it throughout Sri Lanka is in a thick smoothie, known as wood apple juice.
Lamprais is a combination of meat, rice and sambol chili sauce, wrapped into a banana leaf packet and steamed. The rice is cooked with meat stock -- usually a combination of different meats like beef, pork or lamb -- that's infused with cardamom, clove and cinnamon.

From jewellery to antiques, and from gems to handcrafts, Sri Lankan markets open up a world of fantasy for the shopaholics all over the world.

Gems and Jewellery
Being a miner's country with an exceptional portfolio on excavated gems, one can find a lot of precious stones like rubies, topazes, aquamarines, and amethysts. You can find it in the World Trade Center in Colombo, or in Ratnapura, Galle, and Kandy.
Sri Lankan Sarees
Sri Lankan sarees are world famous, mostly because they come as a three-piece-set - the blouse, a wrap around, and a dupatta. If you are a saree lover, you are bound to take a ton back home. If you have no experience with sarees what-so-ever then this is the best place to start.
Spices have been the identity of Sri Lanka since the British era. You can find an array of locally grown spices in the markets, turmeric being the most popular among the locals. Pettah Market and Kandy Municipal Market are places where you can find the best quality spices.
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