Cancellation & Refund Policy
Cancellation & Refund is based on services being booked. Different services include land package, cruise, flights & supplement services. Details as follows:
Land Package Cancellation Policy
If the trip is cancelled for any reason what-so-ever, including cases of voluntary cancellation by the customer, the cancellation charges as mentioned in the brochure or the itinerary will apply. In the absence of any such information, the following cancellation charges will apply:
45 days or more, prior to check in
  • Complete amount will be refunded in the flynote wallet
  • Incase of bank transfer, Rs 2200 will be deducted as service charges
Between 44 and 31 days of check in
  • 20% will be deducted from trip cost and remaining will be refunded in the flynote wallet.
  • Incase of bank transfer, 25% cancellation charges and Rs 2200 for service charges will be deducted from the trip cost.
Within 30 days prior to date of check in
100% will be deducted from trip cost as cancellation charges
Cruise Cancellation Policy
Flights Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy for Flights dependent upon the airline policy as per booking
Supplement Services Policy
In case of service disruption at the destination due to natural reasons like weather or calamities, services will be either rescheduled or stand cancelled based on the situation and service provider policy
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