Of Siestas, Fiestas, and Flamenco
Where passion is rampant in every aspect of life, where revolutions and romance exist side by side and where the sounds of flamenco guitar mix with the humdrum of everyday life - Welcome to Spain.
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Madrid is mostly celebrated as one of the art pioneers in Europe, with several artists like Dali, Picasso, and Miro having made Madrid as their muse.Madrid is also known for its cuisine, with most of the modern Spanish cuisine being modernized and innovated in Madrid. Home to the European football champions Real Madrid, this city attracts countless tourists every year.

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What is the capital of Spain?
The capital of Spain is Madrid. It's also the largest city followed by other areas such as Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao and others. Madrid is also called the shopping capital of the country.
What is Spain famous for?
Spain is famous for its architecture by Gaudi, its fiery food, and most of all for its flamenco dancing and guitaring. You can read more about the things to do in Spain <here>
Where is Spain Located?
Spain is located in Southwestern Europe in the peninsular region. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and some of its territory is also located near the African Peninsula and is called the Canary islands.
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