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This app was developed in Sri Lanka itself and it extremely helpful for travellers who wish to book a tuk tuk or vehicle for quite a long time at once. It is best for travellers who wish to explore the city or go sightseeing in nearby areas or simply go to the shopping areas and markets. Pickup is quick and easy with the price being decided based on the distance being travelled, and the travel cost is economical due to the lower tuk tuk costs. The application which is very user-friendly includes tuk tuks, autos, vans and trucks accessible in most major cities.

Train Sri Lanka

For easier, quicker and hassle-free travel, trains are often an ideal option especially for those trying to avoid the crowded and dusty roads. This app is ideal to keep track of train schedules and the stations where the trains stop at for you to keep track, even on the go.


This app is a saviour for travellers helping them incase of any medical emergencies or sudden sickness during travel. The app service is partnered with some of the biggest healthcare services in the country and hospitals, making healthcare accessible to all those who are registered with the app. Users can consult with doctors online, get lab reports online, get medicines delivered all with the touch of a few buttons.


Travelling around Sri Lanka has been made easy over the years with the introduction of Uber which is one of the biggest ride-booking and sharing apps in the world. With instant booking, tracking and easy online payment methods, the app is perfect for those who wish to travel quickly and comfortably around the cities of the country.

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