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Things to do in Sri Lanka

Little Adams Peak

Ella is a hiking wonderland in the mountainous regions of Sri Lanka. The views that travellers are treated to when climbing Ella are exceptional with the district being famous for its tea plantations and terrific mountain ranges. For those with the wish to enjoy the best views from high up, Little Adam's Peak is the ideal trek, particularly for a once in a lifetime view of the rising and setting sun. It's one of the top activities in Sri Lanka especially for those travellers who appreciate climbing!

Kandy to Ella Train Ride

The Kandy to Ella train venture is said to be one of the most picturesque, epic train travels in the world. A ticket for this ride costs approximately 1.50 USD and the ride can be enjoyed for a period of 5 hours at a stretch. The breathtaking sights on the two sides of the rail are truly memorable. The train twists through the mountains sitting above homesteads and towns treating travellers with a view of the cascading tea estates and every turn has something new to offer.

Gangaramaya Temple

This temple is one of the most iconic attractions in the capital of Sri Lanka. Being a treat for art and architecture lovers the temple is also revered by those of a more spiritual disposition. This Buddha temple blends together art styles from Indian, Chinese and Thai cultures to create a treat to the senses.

Pettah Floating Market

The floating markets of Pettah are a well kept secret, and only those who wish to explore the cultural side of Sri Lanka usually visit them. These markets are literally boats floating on rivers with snacks, food items, fruits and other locally sourced items for sale. When here, one can purchase an assortment of knick-knacks like comfy, local clothes, footwear, accessories, bags, junk jewellery and even electronics. Built upon an extension situated over the clamouring Beira Lake, this entrancing market is an unmissable attraction.

Madu River Water Sports

For those with a more adventurous soul, the Madu River offers a variety of water sports to satiate their need for a thrill. A few of the sports that are offered are jet skiing, banana boat ride, yachting, paramotoring, speed boat ride, canoeing, kayaking, parasailing, to boating in the mangrove forests, there are endless opportunities for fun and thrill in Bentota for travellers who love the waters.

Bentota Turtle Hatchery

There are a large number of turtle hatcheries along the beaches of Bentota where tourists can enjoy a sight of baby turtles scampering towards the waters during the hatching season. The hatcheries are safeguarded by volunteers who not only take care of the baby turtles, ensuring they reach their home safely, but also relocate injured turtles ensuring their safety.

Galle Fort

This fort is a Unesco World Heritage Site that is a popular tourist destination with strings of shops, eateries, cafes, bookshops, fashion boutiques around it. While touring through the area, travellers can walk the quaint streets which are decorated with statues of Portuguese soldiers and learn alongside the history of the European architecture and Sri Lankan culture.

Hikkaduwa Sandy Beaches

A beloved among couples and friends groups, the beaches of Hikkaduwa are a treat to those looking for some peace and solace in the lap of nature. The surreal beaches offer surreal views with small establishments to get snacks and other knick-knacks from.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

The rainy seasons are the best to watch the magnificent whales and dolphins along the shores of Mirissa. Embarking on a guided tour is the best option for travellers as the tour guides have knowledge of the areas where spotting these sea creatures is easy. The average cost per person for a guided tour would be about INR 2030.

Yala National Park

Home to the stunning Sri Lankan Leopard, this national park is known for its natural setup where this animal roams freely. The park is also home to other exotic animals like elephants, Sri Lankan sloth bear, turtles, macaques, fishing cats, etc. along with a range of dangerous reptiles like the Indian cobra, monitor lizards, Fan-throated lizard, crocodiles, Sri Lankan flying snake, and Russell's Viper.

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