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Getting around in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka being a small country is easy to navigate by public transport or private vehicle. The country as such offers a wide range of intercity and within-city transport options which make it extremely easy for travellers to get around.

The easiest way of getting around when in Sri Lanka is by booking a cab or a car with a driver to take you around. The driver can be booked from one destination to the next or can be booked for the entire duration of the trip. This option is however more expensive than public transportation methods. Local drivers, however, are knowledgeable about the destination and the various attractions in and around, and can often give valuable tips about the best places to eat, or places where one can shop peacefully. Thus they serve the purpose of being an ideal tour guide and drive you around as well.

Sri Lanka has trains everywhere, literally. The cities are well connected across the country with trains which make it a pocket-friendly way to travel if one is in the country for a long duration. Train journeys also allow travellers to enjoy the stunning natural landscape of Sri Lanka as they travel through the mountain areas and tea estates. There are a few train apps that can be used to keep track of the train schedules, and to get a better understanding of the stations. The only drawback of travelling by train, however, is the duration of travel as the local trains can often be slow.

A well-used mode of transport among the locals, buses are cheap and connect almost all corners of the cities of Sri Lanka. Though these can often get crowded, have no air-conditioning, except for very few routes and can often lead to a bumpy ride when going on hilly roads, travellers can enjoy the feels of being a local and engage with them when travelling by buses.

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