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Apps & maps to use in Spain

Google Maps

The best way to travel through Spain is to keep Google Maps in your phone. You can also download offline maps of some places that you want to travel to so that you can travel without the need of mobile internet or WiFi.

El Tiempo

Weather is quite unpredictable in Spain and thus having a weather app that can give you updated information can come very handy while you make your way around this stunning country.The app shows you a 14-day forecast of the weather all over Spain.

Google Translate

Although most people in Greece do speak English, some locals and residents of the islands may have trouble conversing with you. Download Google Translate on your phone to make conversations like asking for directions or just simply wanting to know somebody far more easier.


The app can give you helpful information on where to go and what to do in almost 100 different cities of Spain. The App works in all major places and towns of the country.

Eurail Planner

The best thing about the Eurail Planner is that it can be easily used offline. It contains updated information on the timing, frequency, and status of various trains around Spain.

XE Currency

Managing finances and currency in a foreign destination is a challenge even for the most frequent travellers. The XE Currency app will help keep track of all your transactions along with seamless currency transactions irrespective of the currency type.


Travelling around Spain with the TripIt app can be extremely rewarding. This app keeps a track of all your itineraries and timings as well as day plans.


The usage of WhatsApp is ubiquitous in Spain, many businesses and establishments use WhatsApp to keep in touch with their customers and keep them notified of the offers and other discounts.

Best Beach Today

Explore the best beaches in Ibiza and Formentera with the Best Beach Today app. Right from their location to what you can do there can be discovered on the app.

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