Of Siestas, Fiestas, and Flamenco

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Food and Wine are a way of life in Spain, and it is evident in the numerous Tapas bars where you can find Spaniards lounging about merrily while having glass after glass of wine. Taste the carefully concocted flavors of the Paella or refresh yourself with some gazpacho, your culinary journey to Spain is sure to be filled with a surprise around the corner.

Paella is a piquant dish that is almost like a national dish of Spain, it is made by simmering a potful of rice in aromatic spice and meat (often seafood).
Gazpacho is a soup that one must try in Spain. The cold soup is often made from tomatoes and cucumber and stale bread - unbelievably refreshing.
Tapas are a local favorite. Often served with a cocktail, beer or wine - they are finger foods that are usually free with your drink but maybe charged extra in some places.

Regarding the shopping experience, there are some things that you can buy only in Spain. For instance, Blue wine which is made by a melange of red and white grapes along with certain natural pigments.

Bota refers to the traditional wineskin, which can store wine and one can just drink from it.
Espadrilles, are a footwear type that you can pick up from the place that invented it. The cloth shoes look like loafers and are extremely comfortable and easy to slip into.
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