Of Siestas, Fiestas, and Flamenco

Things to do in Spain

La Tomatina

The La Tomatina festival is held in the town of Buñol in Valencia in the month of August. To maintain certain decorum in the festival, it is ruled that the tomatoes must be squashed before being thrown and that the throwing must stop after the timed indicator.

San Fermin Bull Festival

The San Fermin Bull Festival is usually held in the month of July in the town of Pamplona, Navarra. It is a week-long celebration that starts on 6th of July and continues until the 14th.The main event is, of course, the running of the bulls or Encierro.

Camino De Santiago

Camino De Santiago is a pilgrimage that starts from St James in Santiago de Compostela and continues for 800-km. The popular route takes you through the Camino Frances, the Pyrenees, Pamplona and the La Rioja and the countryside of Galicia.


Frigiliana is a town located on the southern beaches of Spain. The cobblestoned streets and the whitewashed walls contrast beautifully with the stark blue skies and the vibrantly pink bougainvilleas.

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