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Getting around in Maldives

Male is the financial as well as the regional capital of the country and is well-connected to other islands via seaplanes and local ferries. It’s a great place to exchange money and buy your daily essentials. It is also the place where the airport of the country is located. If staying in Male, the easiest ways of getting around are by walk and cycle - ideal if you wish to explore the city and take in the culture.

Though seaplane travel is more expensive than travelling on water and restricts the number of people who can fit into one seaplane – the sky view that you will be treated to is unmissable. The seaplanes give access to almost all parts of the country, and are the most viable option when travelling to the private resort islands. The biggest running services for tourists are the Trans Maldivian Airways and Maldivian which run seaplanes from the seaplane port next to Velana International Airport. The cost for seaplanes is usually around USD 350 for one way and USD 600 for two transportation. 

A ferry ride in the Maldivian waters is a thrilling experience for all ages. Though the ferries often carry more number of people and go through multiple destinations, they do not make stops at resort islands and stop only at inhabited islands. To access the resort islands, travellers will have to go via the more expensive speedboat of seaplane options.

One of the most popular modes of transport are the fast paced speed boats that can be arranged by resorts, or booked independently by travellers. Resorts in North and South Male, along with a few neighbouring atolls provide guests speedboat services straight from Male Airport, with prices varying based on the distance. Private speedboat services have become more affordable with the increasing number of tourists. They provide quick transport both from Male and Velana International Airports.

Speedboat charters are also offered by some Male-based travel agencies. These cut down on the fuel prices, giving guests the chance to charter the boat for up to 10 hours a day.

If you’re in the mood for some luxurious indulgence, yacht rentals are the ideal choice. They allow you the freedom of island hopping to get to smaller islands and remote reefs, along with ample privacy and comfort.

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