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Prepared using only three simple ingredients, fish, water and salt, Garudhiya is a local delicacy. This fish soup is served along with lime, rice, chillies and onions. This traditional delicacy should be tried at least once when in the Maldives.
Mas Huni
Mas Huni, a famous Maldivian breakfast item is a must-try, particularly for all the tuna-lovers. The ingredients make up for a mouth-watering delicacy. Shredded smoked tuna, served with grated coconut, lemon and onions are usually eaten with a chapati bread called Roshi.
A variation to Mas Huni, Masroshi is a stuffed chapati packed with grated coconut and smoked tuna. Curry leaves and spices are also added to the dish to make it more flavourful.
Bis Keemiya
Bis Keemiya is a popular snack of the Maldives resembling a samosa or a pastry. This salty snack, just like a spring roll, is stuffed with tuna or hard-boiled eggs accompanied with sauteed cabbage and diced onions.

Though the private islands in the Maldives do not give much opportunity for shopping, the public islands of Male and Hulhumale are the places to go for authentic and international items. One of the most popular shopping experiences can be had at the iconic Fish Market. Located in Malé, this fish market is unique because one can find almost any kind of fish here. One can easily find groupers, sea bass, red snappers, dolphin fish, and barracuda here, the real draw being fresh skipjack and yellowfin tuna. This vibrant market selling fresh fish and seafood is an ideal place to get acquainted with the Maldivian locals. This place also fascinates photographers a lot!

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