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A string of over a thousand coral islands strewn across the Indian Ocean - Maldives is the pearly white nirvana where time stands still. A paradise protected, its crystal clear waters beckon to beach lovers across the world. If you have romance, solace and dreamy landscapes on your mind, Maldives is the place to be.

Offering up a luxurious stay, the resorts in Maldives are just as iconic as its beaches. Vying for your attention, each abode tries to one-up the last by giving you MORE! Think water villas, deep dives into the ocean, a whole island to yourself, picnic on a sandbar surrounded by the ocean on all 4 sides and the ultimate thrill of jumping from your room straight into the ocean. What more could you want out of an indulgent vacation?

The ocean surrounding the islands beckons to the gypsy soul and offers an unparalleled escape into the blue, be it snorkelling, swimming, deep sea diving or simply sunbathing. You just cannot escape the allure of the sapphire blues and striking whites at Maldives - They will surely cast a spell on you!

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