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Greece is the home of the Mediterranean cuisine and serves up some of the most authentic dishes you would ever find.

This iconic Greek dish is a perfect combination of egg-plant, or potato, with ground meat. The dish finds it roots in the Middle East and Balkan, and has many local variations.
This North African dish has attained a super-star status in Greece. It is made from steamed balls of semolina flour which is served with stew.
Calamari is fried squid, and is served is served in almost all the restaurants in Greece. It is prepared by simply mixing squid with flour, and deep frying it.
Mezedes are small plates of appetizers which are usually served before lunch.

From clothes to spices, and from antiques to anything and everything, Greece is loaded with shops making it shopaholic's paradise.

Among the oldest markets in Europe and the first of its kind in Athens - Agora, lies just below the Acropolis, right next to the River Eridanus. Built in the 6th Century B.C., it is more than just a shopping place - it is a historical masterpiece.
Vardikos is another market in Athens itself, where you can find the pulse of Greece with rows after rows of vegetable sellers, meat sellers, fishmongers and more. It is a great place to buy authentic Greek cheeses, wines, olives, and cured meats.
Thessaloniki is another major town where shopping and gourmet enthusiasts can find their wishes answered. You can taste amazing spices, stuffed peppers and dried Macedonian fish to gulp with your drinks.
Piraeus Shopping Market
For those looking for a quirky and quaint shopping experience there is always Piraeus Shopping Market. Here you can get great deals on showpieces, artifacts, shoes and utensils.
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