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A land as old as time itself, with myths and legends abound - Greece is a paradise for those who wish to have a laid back holiday and yet experience a destination to its fullest! Located on the southeastern coast of Europe, it is flanked by the Aegean Sea on one side and the Ionian Sea on the other. Romantics can rejoice just as much as adrenaline-seekers can as Greece can literally put the best of both worlds on a platter for you. It is in this postcard destination that you can step into the arena where the Olympics began, witness where the Oracle of Delphi said her prophecies or feel the divinity where the monks and nuns worshipped at Meteora.

One of the most easily identifiable landmarks of Greece is definitely Santorini. The iconic blue and white architecture set off against the dazzling sea makes for some stunning sunset vistas. Mykonos is another Grecian destination that is just as pretty in all its glory. However, Greece is so much more than what it is known for. You can find some surreal beaches and churches in Corfu, discover history come alive at the Parthenon - a part of the Acropolis in Athens or discover the ancient city of Delos with all its legends.

Another characteristic aspect of visiting Greece is experiencing, first-hand, the hospitality of its people. Socialising is an inherent part of the culture of Greece, a fact that is embodied in the long tables for community gatherings or at the city squares where the true culture of Greek unfolds. Be it the passionate music, delectable food, or adrenaline-pumping adventures - a Greek Holiday will surprise and astound you.

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