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Apps & maps to use in Greece


You’re likely to get a few weird glances if you mention the word Uber in Greece. While the popular ride-hailing app does have operations here, these are very limited. A good app to thus, download, is Beat. The app helps you to find able and skilled taxi drivers around you based on their customer ratings and proximity.

Athens Airport App (ATH)

The Athens Airport App, also known as ATH, has been designed in order to make travelling easy and hassle-free for travellers. The app has in-built features that offer details such as flight timetables,schedules, parking spaces, shopping info and more.

OASA Telematics

OASA Telematics offers travellers easy access to real time information about public transport, particularly buses. Not only can the app offer real time information on the arrival and departure times of buses, but it can also help you find the nearest bus stops and routes.

Google Translate

Although most people in Greece do speak English, some locals and residents of the islands may have trouble conversing with you. Download Google Translate on your phone to make conversations like asking for directions or just simply wanting to know somebody far more easier.

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