The Lovechild of East and West
Straddling Asia and Europe - two major continents of the world, Turkey is a place where the east falls in love with the west and the union results in a nation that is dramatic, charming, colorful, and historic - all at the same time. Turkey is spread over Europe and Asia but also has distinct cultural affiliations to the Middle East.
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A city as timeless as its architecture and its myths, Istanbul is influenced by four rulers throughout its history - the Greeks, Romans, Venetians, and finally, the Ottomans. From its towering architecture to bustling markets, from its culinary wonders to to the local culture and heritage, this is one city which has resiliently stood the test of time! 

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Where is Turkey located?
Turkey is located partly in the Anatolian Peninsula in Asia and partly in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by Greece and Bulgaria and the Black Sea.
What is Turkey famous for?
Turkey is famous for being the site of no less than 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also famous for its architecture, culture, and an amalgamation of eastern and western influences in its food, culture, music, and even daily life.
Is Istanbul the capital of Turkey?
No, Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey. The capital of Turkey is Ankara.
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