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How to reach Turkey

By plane

Turkey is very well-connected to the rest of the world via the Istanbul International Airport. There are direct flights to and from Turkey to Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. To and fro international flights from India were initially operated from the Ataturk International Airport, however, now Istanbul International Airport handles most of the international air traffic. Ataturk now operates in a limited capacity. Turkey is also serviced by Sabiha Airport (SAW), which focuses specifically on Low Cost Carriers.

By train

Turkey is also connected to Europe via the railways. However, this serves more as an aspirational purpose rather than a practical one. Services are quite slow and schedules are not always reliable. However, if you wish to do things in a more nostalgic style railways are a great way to tick some travel goals.

Best time to visit
Best time to visit
Visa essentials
Visa essentials
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