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Apps & maps to use in Turkey

Grand Bazaar app

The Grand Bazaar app can help you navigate across the confusing lanes of Grand Bazaar in Istanbul effortlessly.The Bazaar has 3000 shops and outlets, this app can not only show you a virtual map but also help you pick out the best shops based on their ratings.

City Mapper

True to its name, the city mapper app shows you an updated map of the various transport options in Istanbul. The app shows you updated fares, routes, and Metro, bus, trams, and ferry routes. It can also calculate taxi fares and show you cycling routes.


Cabs are a popular way for getting around in Turkey. Btaksi operates in Istanbul as well as Ankara. However, the uber app operates only in Istanbul. You can book a cab at the tap of a button and also gives you multiple options for cash or card.

Welcome Turkey

The Vodafone app has developed an application called Welcome Turkey. This can be used as a guidebook as well as a ready reckoner of all the important information about Turkey. It has options to inform you of the weather, as well as keep track of your finances.

Metro Turizm

Metro Turizm runs a private bus transport service in Turkey and this app can help you obtain updated information about the routes and fares. You can also buy tickets online on the app.

TAV Mobile

Istanbul Ataturk, Ankara, Izmir, Gazipasa, and Bodrum airports fall under the ambit of the TAV. The app can provide the user information regarding real-time flight info, duty-free promotions, car parking services and rates, and transfer options. You can also get a travel guide to all the destinations that the airports are located at.

XE Currency

Managing finances and currency in a foreign destination is a challenge even for the most frequent travellers. The XE Currency app will help keep track of all your transactions along with seamless currency transactions irrespective of the currency type.

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