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Straddling Asia and Europe - two major continents of the world, Turkey is a place where the east falls in love with the west and the union results in a nation that is dramatic, charming, colorful, and historic - all at the same time. Turkey is spread over Europe and Asia but also has distinct cultural affiliations to the Middle East. However, these cultures blend so seamlessly that all that a traveller sees is a modern tapestry where the ancient and the contemporary merge effortlessly.

A litany of empires such as the Romans, Ottomans and the Byzantines have left an indelible mark on the country’s architecture. Be it the dome of Hagia Sophia or the historically important straits of the Ephesus port city, Turkey has magnificent architecture at its heart. So, intertwined with religion and tradition is the turkish heart that it is difficult to pinpoint where history stops and modernism begins. Exploring turkey will sometimes take you through the regal Topkapi Palace or the natural stone pools of Pamukkale, land you in the colorful rock formations of the Cappadocia or take you to parties at Marmaris Bay. There’s so much to explore that all your travel dreams have the potential to turn into a reality. Istanbul alone has enough charm to keep you on your toes dancing, partying, eating or exploring.

If you are an experience junkie- Turkey has endless possibilities for you to fulfill that too. From windsurfing, diving, kayaking in the mountains and valleys of Kekova to the cruises of the Mediterranean, you can get your adrenaline fix right here. You can also go paragliding or hot air ballooning over its stunning vistas like Cappadocia and Uludeniz. Turkey has a trick up its sleeve for anyone who seeks travels and stories!

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