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Best time to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an all-year-round destination dominated by two key monsoon seasons. For travellers visiting different parts of the country, it is vital to keep in mind that the peak season and off-seasons vary based on the areas they are planning to visit. Due to its proximity to the Equator, temperatures usually hover around 28 degrees Celcius with considerably high humidity so it is advised to pack light clothes.

Peak Season

December to April, and this is the best time to visit Sri Lanka. Though there could be some rainfall during the months of December and January, the southern and western parts of the country stay dry. This season is also the holiday season for most of the world with Christmas and New Years just around the corner so bookings are high along with property costs so travellers should plan and book beforehand to avoid any last minute hassles.

Shoulder Season

September to November is the time of spring in Sri Lanka. These months are considered the inter-monsoon months as they fall in between the two monsoons. The weather is fantastic during these months, the south and the west being the most dry. Visiting the beaches are not a good idea as the waters can be a bit rash due to the monsoons.

Off Season

May to August is the off season for Sri Lanka. As these are the months of the southwest monsoon. The country experiences a wet weather all over, especially in the south-western parts, and all the tourist locations are drenched in rain. By July, the rains begin to slow down leaving behind some occasional showers.

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