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Things to do in Maldives


For all the diving enthusiasts across the world, Maldives is a must-visit place. Its location is ideal to shelter and protect the marine life, which is quite rich and diverse. The chances of you spotting manta rays, whale sharks, clown fish (think Nemo!), stingray, eagle rays, and parrotfish.


If it is the rush of adrenaline you want to experience, Maldives offers a great escape. Imagine parasailing over endless vistas of turquoise and white, surfing the waves on a banana boat ride or catching the ultimate thrill of the surf and waves on a jet ski! 

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Visiting Maldives is a treat to those enchanted with marine life. It presents a wonderful opportunity to witness whales and dolphins in their natural and protected habitat. Being a country with high biodiversity, Maldives lays special emphasis on protecting its marine life and even imposes a green tax on all the tourists visiting the island. You can get up, close and personal with these fascinating creatures on an expedition.

Spa and Relaxation Therapies

From Balinese, Swedish to Thai, there is a host of massage therapies to choose from. Talk to the representatives at the resort to understand what is on offer. When in Maldives, relaxation should be your top priority!

Submarine Tour

If you are in Male, a submarine tour is highly recommended. It is especially well-suited for you if you are scared of diving underwater. In a glass-encased boat, one can witness the wide variety of marine life that Maldives is well-known for. 

Island Hopping

Each of the islands in Maldives is suited to a particular type of activity. While Mirihi has stunning reef formations, Kudahuvadhoo is famous for its temple ruins. Biyadhoo offers stunning diving opportunities while Baros is best for luxury adventures. So, choose your adventure and get going. You can cruise between the various islands or take ‘dhonis’ - the local sailboats or ferries. Do enquire with your resort for the same.

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