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Best time to visit Dubai

Dubai is a year-round sunny destination and the best time to make a visit is during the months of November to March when temperatures are at a pleasant average of 30°C the city sees a wave of festivals and events.

Peak Season

November-April is the in Dubai. The weather shifts from late autumn time through late-winter. This is the period when hotel rates are at their most elevated and the city is most crowded, yet you'll appreciate the excellent climate that is perfect for an assortment of open-air adventures. During this time, the days bring heaps of daylight and splendid blue skies, with marginally cooler night times as a delicate breeze, and just periodic downpour, hits the city. The perfect conditions let travellers make the most of Dubai's famed outdoors with activities like picnics and relaxing on the seashore, going on desert safaris and walking around the city.

Shoulder Season

May, September, and October are considered the Shoulder Season in Dubai as May is the beginning of the late spring seeing temperatures extending from 23 to 36 degrees Celsius. The weather at this time will be sweltering, though not as hot as the summers in July and August. With ocean temperatures around 28°C, this is an ideal time for swimming and soaking up some sun.

Off Season

June to August is the off season to visit Dubai. The weather can get quite uncomfortable, with significant levels of humidity skirting on temperatures that hit the high 40s. During this period, while travellers may come across decreased rates and additional offers, a lot of your time is probably going to be spent travelling in air-conditioned indoors – the seashore is a spot only for those who would wish to take a walk in the early hours of the morning.

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