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The cuisine in Bali is a delicious mix of oriental flavours from all over Asia. You have the tangy, sweet, and spicy flavours of the Mi and Nasi Goreng on one hand and the ubiquitous sweetness of Pisang Goreng on the other. If meat is what gets you going, try the famous Babi Guling - Suckling Pig - a delicacy that is unique to Bali.However, if you are particular about which cuts of the meat you like to eat- stay away as the cuisine is usually prepared as an entire piece so there is no telling what cut will be served to you.

Mi Goreng
Mi Goreng is a ubiquitous dish in Bali that can be found on every street corner. The sweet and sour flavours of the fish and oyster sauces as well as the meat served is a perfect pairing with the noodles and the vegetables.
Babi Guling
Also known as suckling pig, Babu Guling is another food that is unique to Bali. It is usually prepared with fresh cuts of pork and is said to be an acquired taste.
Pisang Goreng
Pisang Goreng is nothing but a sweet dish that consists of bananas wrapped in a batter. You can find these at almost any street corner and they are often served with coconut shaving, ice cream or even just powdered sugar.
Bebek Betutu
Although not a popular street food dish, Bebek Betutu is a cuisine that is unique to Bali. It consists of duck meat smoked with rice husks and wrapped with pungent spices. Often served with steamed rice, it is a delicacy that is unique to Bali but is often limited in availability as it takes 12 Hours to cook.

Bali is not only famous for being the most favored tropical destination by tourists all over the world, but also for being a shopper’s paradise. Its epicurean delights are as widely loved and admired all over the world as its coffee. While you can pamper yourself with some exquisite designer wear in Bali and Seminyak, you can also take some interesting souvenirs home along with spices and of course the eponymous Kopi Luwak. The list of what to buy and where in Bali is quite exhaustive and definitely a treat for all the shopaholics out there. 

Being a tropical destination, shopping for beachwear in Bali is as much common sense as it is a delight to explore. You can explore the markets at Seminyak and Kuta for the same and also lay your hands on some surf wear while doing so.
Designer Wear in Bali:
Strolling through the streets in Seminyak and Canggu, it is quite common to glimpse some resplendent designer wear. You can satiate your label lust at the Bali Boatshed on Jl. Laksamana Basangkasa in Seminyak or go on a shopping spree at Bistro St. Tropez at Badung.
Handicrafts in Tegalalang
The area around Tegalalang Rice terraces in Ubud is rich with fertile soil and an indigenous population that has still managed to hold on to its roots. The markets around the rice terraces are a great place to shop for handicrafts such as paintings, jewellery and other souvenirs.
Kopi Luwak in Ubud
Kopi Luwak is undoubtedly Bali’s most famous and exotic export and beverage. The coffee, made with the processed excrement of the civet cat, is strong and incredibly fragrant. The best place to buy it is of course the numerous cafes or at a street market in Ubud. However, make sure you are buying it from an authentic source.
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