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Bali is a tiny island located in the Indian Ocean to the east of Java. A jewel of the Southeast Asian coast, it's famously referred to as an Island of Gods. The emerald green paddy fields, the aquamarine ocean escapes, the pristine beaches, secluded island getaways, and the resplendent temples - Bali has something for every mood and every kind of travel inspiration. The allure of Bali lies as much in its diverse beauty as in its charming traditions and hospitable locals.

Despite its deceptively small area, the range of travel experiences that Bali offers is more diverse than any other destination. Be it the popular party spots and quintessential beach town vibe that Kuta offers or the endless terraced paddy fields of Ubud, the family getaway of Sanur, the endless parties of Gili T or the quiet island vibe Nusa Lembongan - Bali always has another surprise up its sleeve! From surfing, sunbathing, island hopping, wildlife exploration - the range of activities that can keep your days occupied are endless too. 

One of the most popular destinations year round, the tropical moods of Bali are further enhanced by the ever-smiling people. You can stay at one of the locally owned guest houses and experience it for yourself. In addition to these, Bali is also popular for its sprawling and tastefully done up villas with plunge pools that are an epitome of its luxury. With resorts, inns, Bed and Breakfasts, and the aforementioned villas abound it has become a vacation spot of choice for all kinds of travellers!

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