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Best time to visit Spain

The best time to visit Spain is usually in the late-springs and early-summers. While temperatures in the country remain fairly pleasant through the rest of the year, July and August might still see some regions experience extremely high temperatures. It is the most popular time for tourists to visit Spain making the rates for transport and stay quite high. 

Peak Season

Spain experiences Peak Season during the summers, and its during the months of July and August. The prices for stays and transport can get quite high during this period. A lot of locals pack-up, and leave to the cost during this time, so many local businesses will be temporarily shut down.

Shoulder Season

Shoulder Season in Spain is from April to mid-June, and from September all the way through October. This is also the best time to visit Spain has the advantages of both the peak-season and the off-season. The weather is decent during this time, and the hotels and restaurants experience a relatively lesser crowd.


Off-season in Spain is during the winters, which is from November to March. You can visit Spain during this time if you fine with the drab weather and if you are looking to save some money. However, the new year's eve in Madrid, and the winter pride in Maspalomas are during the winters.

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