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Where passion is rampant in every aspect of life, where revolutions and romance exist side by side and where the sounds of flamenco guitar mix with the humdrum of everyday life - Welcome to Spain. State your passion and it shall find its place in this fiery country of salsas, siestas and fiestas. The stunning vistas of Spain are like a balm to a soul seeking natural beauty and landscapes. The wild heart of Spain comes to rest at the Pyrenees mountains and its pride rises in Sierra Nevada’s snow-capped ranges. Even for those seeking adventure and adrenaline rush, these mountains present an exciting trekking opportunity.

If you want to experience the exuberance and Viva la Vida of the Spanish people, just head to the coasts of Ibiza and party it up like you never have before. If you would rather be by yourself and do some quiet contemplation - head to the coasts of Tenerife and Playa de Silencio (The Beach of Silence). There is no experience on the bucket-list that you cannot tick off in Spain.

While on the one hand the architectural masterpieces of Gaudi take the front and centre space in the daily lives of people, on the other artworks of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso become a part of the beautiful artwork that Spain is. The origins of Flamenco dance take root here as do the ballroom rhythms of the Pasodoble. It is said that life itself is a ‘Fiesta’ in Spain and everyone is invited to join the fun.

Food and Wine are a way of life in Spain, a fact that is evidenced in the numerous Tapas bars where you can find Spaniards lounging about merrily while having glass after glass. Tapas usually refers to finger food that is served at these bars along with rich and lip-smacking wine. Taste the carefully concocted flavors of the Paella or refresh yourself with some gazpacho, your culinary journey to Spain is sure to be filled with a surprise around the corner.

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