Greetings Fellow Travellers & Explorers,
At tough times like these, we find ourselves grateful for the times we spent crafting amazing experiences for you. This pandemic has shaken the very roots of the travel industry, bringing many of our wanderlust plans to a halt.
This pandemic has shaken the very roots of the Travel industry, bringing the industry & our wanderlust to a grinding halt. This industry is currently seeing mass layoff & millions of small businesses going bankrupt. Even the biggest organisations have been brought down on its knees. The limited & remote staffing combined with an economic crisis that has overwhelmed the banks, the money flow has stopped. The flywheel has been broken.
In spite of these adversities, we are on our toes to resolve this situation at the latest. We are continuously working with our overseas partners & banks.
Cancellations & Refunds
For our travellers who were scheduled to travel in March & April and have decided to cancel their trips:
We ensure we’re taking steps to resolve your refunds.
You can refer to the Covid-19 Refund Policies
It might have broken our legs but it won’t stop our spirits. Wanderlust stays on.
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Stay safe and healthy
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