Home Gardening 101 with Dr. Prabhakar
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Dr Prabhakar Rao
One of the brightest minds in the country, Dr. Prabhakar Rao is like a Renaissance Man, with many facets. He is the brains and creation force behind the Statue of Unity in India as well as the Seed Conservator for indigenous Indian plants.
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Learn how to build your own little green piece of heaven with Dr. Prabhakar as he takes you through the founding rules of Home Gardening.
29 Aug, 12:30 pm
Conserve and grow your own garden of Eden
Conserve and grow your own garden of Eden
Hear the basics of home gardening from the master himself. Dr. Prabhakar Rao is a renowned seed conservator of India. In his family farmhouse of 2.5 acres he has successfully revived endangered seeds that were once commonly found across the country
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Live the Experience at Home
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Join Dr Prabhakar to learn in an interactive masterclass.
Join Dr Prabhakar to learn in an interactive masterclass.
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Order exclusive creations right at home. Limited orders only!
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