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About the GameMany great little stories are told, some are real while others, a folklore. Some forgotten mystical stories lead to an adventure that might unravel a few hidden places, a few troves!Join us on this virtual quest of finding India’s hidden gems: Flynote’s Treasure Quest!
Sip from the Lost Emerald3 May, 20
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When does the episode start?
Every Sunday, a new episode begins at 5 PM. In order to win prizes, you have to complete within 8 PM.
How does episode timing work?
For all participants, episode begins at 5PM on Sunday. Timing will be calculated from 5PM irrespective of when you start the game. Example - If you join at 5:20 PM, at complete at 6PM, your timing will be calculated as 1 hour
Can I start the game at any point of time?
Yes, you can join the quest at any point. Once the episode is launched, you can start the game or resume the active episode anytime. But, to get a position in the episode leaderboard you have to find all clues within 3 hrs of episode launch.
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