South Africa

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Getting around in South Africa

Getting around in South Africa is quite simple with a reasonably good public transport system, and a good range of car rentals all around. Flights, trains, and buses are the most common travel methods opted to get around Africa.

If time is short then flying around South Africa is the best option. With several competing airlines, you can pick up some good deals as well. South African Airways and British Airways Comair are some of the biggest airlines offering doemstic airline services in South Africa.

Travelling by bus is one of the best options to get around if you have enough time in your pockets. They are more comfortable than buses, and less expensive than flights. Shosholoza Meyl Railways provide the best services between the country's major cities.

Buses are a great way to get around South Africa, especially if you have lots of time and also if you are on a budget. They are affordable, safe, and comfortable. Intercape, Greyhound, and Translux are the major bus operating companies in the country.

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