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South Africa is the most cosmopolitan country in Africa. From indulgent food and wine tours in Cape Town to visiting the foodie haven in Durban, South Africa never fails to present you with the best experience you can ask for.

It is a popular dish found in North African cuisine. Couscous consists of steamed semolina that is usually complimented with stew or a meat accompaniment. The national dish of Algeria is made using ingredients such as semolina, flour, boiling water, saffron and cinnamon.
Mkatra Foutra
Part of Comoros' staple diet, Mkatra Foutra is a savory bread usually served with coconut-based curries. The bread can also be used as a accompaniment for rougaille, a tomato-based dish consisting of shallots, red chilli and tomato. It is made using ingredients such as eggs, salt, butter, sesame seeds, flour and coconut milk.
Served with stews including bussaara and sabaroag, Kisra is a flat bread highly popular among st the local population. It is made by mixing sorghum with water and letting it sit overnight before adding flour and water to create a consistent batter. The batter is then poured on a pan and fried over a flame.

There are things that you will find everywhere else around the world, and then there are things that you will find only in South Africa. From leather shoes to wooden bags, South Africa has all the elements needed to attract shopaholics from around the world.

Wooden Indalo Bag
Based out of Cape Town, and founded in 2013, Indalo has a variety of products ranging from backpacks, purses, clutches, and decor items. These bags are extremely practical, and has acquired a fair crowd among the celebrities.
Esona Wines
Situated in Robertson Wine Valley, Esona is a very young winery that offers a lot. Known as the 'the very one' in Xhosa, you won't find this in supermarkets.
The veldskoen, or vellies as it is popularly known, is the most popular leather brand in Africa. From traditional to trendy, these well-made leather shoes supports almost all kinds of outfit, and sort of occasion.
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