South Africa

The Astounding Feats of Nature

Apps & maps to use in South Africa

World Heritage - UNESCO List

This app proves to be extremely helpful to keep track of UNESCO World heritage sites. It allows you to tick off sites that you have already visited and add to a bucket list those that you are looking forward to visiting in a particular destination.

Latest Sightings

This app is a user-generated app which allows its users to share with others live updates of their sightings around the Kruger national park. This is the perfect way of saving time during your safari and getting a chance to sight the most majestic beasts around the area.


An app that helps you manage your expenses is a must-have for international travel. This app has the features of adding a budget and entering regular expenditure so that you can have a clear understanding of your expenses and decide accordingly on how much to save.

The Tree App

This app helps with recognizing trees around you with some background on the species all-in-one.

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Things to do
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