South Africa

The Astounding Feats of Nature

Currency of South Africa

South Africa is the hub of outdoor activities, adventures, natural escapades and more. To enjoy all of this without any hassles, one must know how to manage money. Spend it and save it while travelling.

Currency Exchange in South Africa

The easiest and most pocket-friendly way of converting your local currency to ZAR is through an online currency converter. This service will ensure you know the exact rate of exchange, unlike offline exchange services. You can also get your currency exchanged through your bank but it will require you to pay a delivery fee.

The currency of South Africa is the South African Rand which is symbolised by R, ZAR or c. Most major tourist spots like hotels, national parks and tourist activity vendors for safaris, tours etc. accept both ZAR and US Dollar, so it is advisable that you carry both if you have access to the latter.

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