South Africa

The Astounding Feats of Nature

Best time to visit South Africa

From vibrant cultural lifestyles to wholesome natural landscapes and views, from luxurious stays amidst wildlife to immersive and unforgettable experiences, South Africa has it all. So, despite there being a more popular peak season when the country should be visited, it continues to be a year-round destination for travellers of all age groups.

Peak Season

South Africa summer in the months spanning from November to March. This season sees a maximum number of tourists visiting the country with hotel prices often shooting up by 50% of the usual rates.

Shoulder Season

The shoulder season for South Africa is during the pleasant months of Spring and Autumn, which is from April to May and September to October. This season is popular for those who wish to enjoy the natural bounties of South Africa. The shores and parks always attract travellers with a chance to spot whales around the months of spring.


The winters, from June to August, are the low season for tourism in South Africa. Though with the onset of winters, new forms of wildlife take to the terrain, monsoons in Cape Town and the Western Cape areas can often disrupt travel plans. For those wishing to travel under a fixed budget, this season is ideal, and they can always keep drier parts of the country like Karoo in their itineraries.

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