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Best time to visit Kenya

Kenya is a year round destination with no real summer or winter. The year is mainly divided into rainy and dry season.The best time to visit Kenya is from July to September. This is when Kenya experiences the dry season, and it is also the time for the Great Migration of Wildebeest and Zebra.

Peak Season

June, July, August and September are regarded as the peak season in Kenya. Kenya experiences two dry seasons - from January to late February, and from June to October. During this time, you can see lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalo, and leopards in their natural habitat.

Shoulder Season

Shoulder season in Kenya is usually from January to March, and from October to December. This is also the time when the entire East Africa experiences short rainfalls. The rain is not much but sufficient enough for the national parks to regain vegetation, and escape the dry season.

Off- Season

April to June is usually considered the off season in Kenya as it is the time of rain, and rainfalls can get quite unpredictable. This is when Kenya gets the most rainfall, and wildlife viewing can quite risky. However, the rain replenishes the soil, making it a great time for sightseeing.

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