The Land of Sunsets
Kenya is the place where wildlife comes alive in all its glory - from warm savannah sunsets to wildebeest migrations that will remind you of a scene from Lion King and from people that have kept their roots firmly in the womb of Mother Nature.
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July to September

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The largest cosmopolitan and urban city in the rugged Kenyan land, Nairobi is the best gateway to experience Kenya, modern or otherwise. A booming hub for nightlife, food, universities, and recreational parks, it is a modern city which juts out from the otherwise ferocious wilderness of the African Continent.

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What is the capital of Kenya?
The capital of Kenya is Nairobi.
Is Kenya worth visiting?
The landscapes of Kenya are a cornucopia of discoveries and surprises. On one hand you will find the high mountain peaks capped in snow while on the other you would find yourself at a beach fringed by swaying palms. You can get lost in lush jungles of Masai Mara or find yourself lost in a maze of people in Mombasa; there is no experience impossible in Kenya. You can read more about it <here>
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