Would You Want to Visit this Little Town in Norway that’s Stuck in Time

Who doesn’t want the long summer days to last forever? Sommarøy, in Norway, is no different. The island whose name literally translates to ‘Summer Island’, wants to be the first world’s first time-free zone.

Located in West Tromsø, north of the Arctic Circle, this island is the place where the sun doesn’t set from May 18 right through to July 26, a full 69 days.

Locals make the most out of this time as they have had a long polar night from November to January when the sun doesn’t rise at all. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the month of June, the Islanders signed a petition for declaring the island time-free zone. With the declaration, the Islanders intend to have flexibility in school and work hours so that they can be free of traditional opening hours. With a population of 300 people, the island mainly has fishing and tourism as the two main industries. 

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Located close to Tromsø in Norway, Sommarøy has pristine beaches, picturesque views and vibrant fishing villages. Though a popular summer getaway with local Norwegians, the village still remains largely undiscovered by the tourists. There are not many attractions or monuments but it is an ideal place to unwind. If you dream of a holiday where you take long, pleasant walks along the beach, picking up shells and just taking in the scenery, then Sommarøy will not disappoint you. 

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Whether the island becomes time-free zone or not remains to be seen but you might want to plan an offbeat trip to this beautiful little village.

(Curated by Priya Pareek)