Pune to Kaas Plateau – A Scenic Journey to Maharashtra’s Flowering Plateau

Nestled in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra, Kaas Plateau is a popular tourist attraction for all those who love being amidst nature. However, a Pune to Kaas plateau trip is something domestic, and foreign tourists undertake to frequent this plateau for the unique, colorful, and endemic flora. The Kaas plateau season in which these flowers bloom is during the southwest monsoon season (August-October).

Kaas Plateau
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Plan your trip

India is a country on the map of every avid traveler. It boasts of scenic travel routes surrounded by landscapes that bring out the truest sense of nature. However, one such example is the Pune to Kaas plateau road trip in Maharashtra during the monsoon and winter season. The green and beautiful trail is dotted with some amazing pitstops on the way to Kaas plateau.

Route: Pune- Khandala- Kaas Plateau
Distance: 135 km
Time: 3 hours via NH 48

The city from where you will begin your journey is famous for its historical attractions and culinary joints. You can visit the Shaniwar Wada, a ghostly palace fort dating back to the 18th century. If food is something you love, don’t miss out on the buttery Pao Bhaji at Shiv Sagar or authentic South Indian at Savya Rasa.

The second stop of this journey will take you to the hill station of Khandala in the Western Ghats. You literally can’t miss out on the soothing ambiance surrounded by a myriad of waterfalls, valleys, and misty lakes. If you have a day to spare, head to Duke’s nose for rock climbing.

Your final destination is the flowering plateau of India. Made up of volcanic rocks, it is a unique phenomenon nestled in the Sahyadri ranges. It is a biodiversity hotspot filled with a plethora of flora and fauna which will interest wildlife photographers.

Best time to Visit

Kaas plateau best time to visit is in September or early October because the flowers bloom only in late August. The flora blooms for a period of 2-3 weeks. So, if you have a travel bug in you and monsoon getaways is your thing, then Kaas plateau is one of the most scenic beauties Maharashtra has to offer.

Book your tickets in advance!

The callousness of human beings has started to destroy this beautiful plateau and it has forced authorities to make it a protected reserve.

About 3,000 visitors are permitted per day. So, if you do want to experience this marvel, book your tickets in advance for a particular day and time at According to the rules, each ticket is valid for a total of 3 hours. The best time to visit the flowering plateau is during the weekdays to avoid large crowds.

Kaas Plateau: A biodiversity hotspot

Kaas Plateau
Source: flickr

The UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and biodiversity hotspot is home to more than 850 flowering plants and species of endemic butterflies. Kaas plateau flowers consist of endemic flowers such as ground orchid- Waytura – Aponogetan satarensis. Another unusual plant is the purple-colored flower of Topli Karvi, which blooms every 8 years. Such sights make the flower beds of Kaas plateau a picture-perfect destination for ardent photographers.

After having an overwhelming experience at Kaas Pathar, you can head towards Kaas Lake. Surrounded by lush green forests, it is a perfect spot for all those who enjoy their time in solitude. Roughly 2km away from Kaas plateau, it is a non-commercialized lake that families can visit and capture a picture to put in their albums.

Where to stay

A trip to Kaas Plateau usually takes an entire day. The closest city to Kaas is Satara at roughly 25 km. Stay at Kaas Pathar Village Resort, Nivant Hill Resort or Kaas Village resort to enjoy a comfortable trip.

How to reach

Kaas is easily accessible by road and is 25 km away from Satara city. It is about 280 km away from Mumbai and 130 km from Pune. This makes it a great weekend trip for all travel enthusiasts. If driving seems cumbersome, you can always take a train to Satara and board a local bus that has a stop at Kaas.

Other attractions around Kaas

Waterfall near Kaas
Source: Wikimedia Commons

For all those who want to enjoy other tourist places then Kumudini lake is a wonderful option. Nature lovers can spot rare flower species there. People can visit Bamnoli, a quaint village popular for boating. If you have a thing for water falls, then don’t miss visiting the Thoseghar waterfalls

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