Countries Extend Visa Amid Coronavirus Outbreak- Update

Here is an update on how countries have helped foreigners with visa and stay permit extensions amid coronavirus outbreak.

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After a 21-day lockdown was imposed on March 25,2020, due to the coronavirus outbreak, The FRRO notified foreigners to apply for free of cost visa extensions online.

 United Kingdom

The UK announced that it will extend visas of foreigners until May 31, 2020. Visas expired after January,24,2020, and those under self-isolation will be eligible. Everyone eligible has been asked to contact on for visa extension.


Indonesia said there will be automatic extension of stay permits for foreigners who visited after February 5, 2020. The permit will automatically be registered on the official system.


Foreigners were asked to get visa extensions done by contacting the nearest police headquarters. Work permit applications will also be considered and Labor migrants will be allowed to renew their paperwork without leaving.

Schengen Region

All foreigners will be able to extend their visas if they give a reason, documents, apply for a visa and pay a possible fee. Everyone will have to attend an interview if required. It is necessary to be present in the country until the visa is extended.

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