Vagamon Travel Guide – All You Need to Know to Plan the Perfect Trip!

Vagamon is one of the best-kept secrets of Kerala. The weather of Vagamon is what sets it apart from most of the other destinations in Kerala. The moderate temperatures and resorts in Vagamon make it a great holiday destination.

If you want to know about this place, just catch a bus to Idukki or Kottayam. Call out the name ‘Vagamon’, and you will see a gigantic transformation among the humble locals. All heads will turn towards you, with faces all lit up, and they suddenly become extremely wordy about the place. And before you know it, you will be in one of those old-fashioned Mahindra Majors, climbing the curves all the way to the top o’ the hills!

Vagamon Weather

The weather in Vagamon remains pleasant and sublime, making it ideal for visits all throughout the year. The hills are situated at a high altitude making the temperature remain pleasantly between 10 to 25 Degrees.

How To Reach Vagamon

Located about 100km away from Cochin, Vagamon can be easily reached by road. If you have your own car, that would be best; however, if not, there are also buses available from the nearest towns such as Cochin, Trivandrum, Munnar and Kottayam.

If you wish to take a flight to reach Vagamon, it would be a good idea to consider landing at Cochin International Airport. You can then take a state transport bus to reach Vagamon directly.

Things To Do in Vagamon

Explore the Pine forests

pine forests vagamon

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People visit Vagamon primarily to explore its pine forests. A stroll through the dense woods with trees as tall as your eyes can see is definitely worth talking about.



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This is one of the most thrilling gliding experiences you can have in South India. Sign up with the ASSTA (Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy) for a gliding course, and simply glide above the verdant landscape of this hilly paradise.

Off-roading and Kayaking

off roading vagamon
kayaking vagamon

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Vagamon has the perfect setting for hardcore adventure freaks. For the off-road lovers, it has grass meadows, pine forests, and the rocky hills. You can also enjoy kayaking at the tea lake boating center.

Places to Visit in Vagamon

Marmala Waterfalls


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The Marmala Waterfalls is one of the best places to visit in Vagamon. It has nice clear water, and shallow spots apt for swimming. It is enroute Vagamon, and can experience a bit of crowd at times. So plan the visit accordingly.



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This is one of the most popular locations in Vagamon. A holy, and picturesque, sight that has played a vital role in many Malayalam movies, a trekking experience to this place will stay with you forever. It’s even more beautiful during the monsoons.



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This mystical meadow is where you should head to, if you want to experience the most unique sunrise and sunset of your lifetime. Oh, take it from us, it will stay with you forever!

Uluppuni view point


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This is another exceptional meadow in Vagamon which offers the best panoramic views of the hills above, and the towns below. The Uluppuni tunnel, which is a 4 km man made tunnel right through the middle of the meadow, is also worth exploring.

Compared to all the other major tourist locations in Kerala, Vagamon is still a virgin. Meaning: when weekends come, all run to Munnar. This is why Vagamon is still untouched. It is one of those rare places left in Kerala where you get to revel in silence, andsimply escape.

Let’s just call it, bliss!

Curated by : Kiran Reghunath