Treks Are Now Open! Here Are Some Apps To Carry On Trail

When travel comes to mind, many of us want to start planning getaways to hill stations, beaches. However, there are a few people who want to escape from their tiring lives and go on long challenging treks to rejuvenate themselves and traverse least explored paths.

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Here are a few essential applications that you should have in your phone while going to trek anywhere in the country.

GPS Tools

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Have you ever gone on a long arduous journey and lost your way while traversing rocky, snow-clad or lush green trekking trails? If yes, then it is a real bummer. If you don’t want to get lost and you love adventure, love taking the risk then GPS Tools is an essential that needs to be installed in your smartphone.

GPS tools is an all-in-one GPS application which includes features such as compass directions, GPS alarm, GPS time, maps etc.

It is known for its super-fast GPS update and offline features. This application has customized GPS tools and high location accuracy in areas with weak signal. Plan your activity and be safe with the weather and forecast feature. Share location pictures and coordinates with friends and family.

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Sahyadri Treks

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Nestled in the Western Ghats, Sahyadri range is home to some of the most beautiful trekking paths in India. Sahyadri treks offer a glimpse into lush green forests and historical marvels. For all those who want to walk these trails, Sahyadri Treks is a tailor-made application for trekking and history enthusiasts.

Sahyadri Treks has a list of more than 100 treks in its catalog. All adventure seekers can read up on trek related information ranging from the difficulty level to a brief description about the place. This information can also be used as an offline guide for anyone having network issues.

To make it easier, trek locations are available in the in-built map of the application. Anyone can create a free account and maintain a digital diary of his/her journey. You can suggest a brand-new trail or check out trails of fellow trekkers.

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Packing for a trek can be a cumbersome process and you can also forget a lot of important things to take along if you don’t write it down. Forgot to pack a swiss knife or a flashlight? TrekPack is the perfect app for you. It will help you create a destination specific check list for your outdoor adventure.

TrekPack has a feature of a checklist generator which will create a checklist of all essential items needed for your next adventure. Based on factors such as accommodation, cooking, weight level, terrain, a destination specific list is created for you. You can share these checklists with family and friends or create multiple lists to compare gear.

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Trace my trail

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Trekking can be challenging and fun. But the right experience will fuel your hunger to challenge yourself and traverse paths that are really difficult. In order to record your experiences, Trace my trail Pro is the best way to record your trails, point of interests and directions you take during your journey.

Track your trekking route with your phone’s GPS feature and capture point of interest pictures. Share the journey with friends and family by sending your recorded trek. Get an audio alert if you deviate from the set path. You can also send out an SOS text message in case of any emergency.  Customize the app according your needs and use it in offline mode to conserve your cell phone’s battery.

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Curated by Ruchit Rastogi