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A Traveller’s Adventure: Experiences That You Can Have From The Comfort Of Your Home!

In the wake of the recent coronavirus pandemic, almost all countries across the world have gone into a lockdown mode. As citizens try their best to cope up with sitting at home, there is bound to be a lot of restlessness. But isolating at home does not have to mean letting go off all the adventure in your life. For adventure is the spice of life and paramount to your happiness.

Contrary to perception, an adventure does not have to mean climbing Mount Everest or sky diving every time. Once you change your idea of what an adventure is, it can be had every day even while you are sitting at home. Here is a list of some adventures that you can have at home that you would normally yearn to have when you are out in foreign land.

Living Room Campout

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Remember the time you planned to take a camping vacation and kept delaying it till now for some reason or the other? Well now is the perfect time to gather your blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and arrange your campsite! Round up your flashlights, lanterns and dim your regular house lights while you stare at the clear night sky from your windows. You can even arrange for a video call with all your friends to join you for a storytelling session while you roast some marshmallows at home.

Learn a recipe you have never cooked before

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Food is a huge part of travel and it isn’t surprising to see food tours and cooking tutorials being offered in every country to understand its local life better. Dig up local recipes of any country that you have been to or want to visit someday. Till things get better, there’s no reason to not indulge in some local delicacies from each country in your own house and treat yourself!

Indoor sports

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As events across the world are getting cancelled to avoid further spread of the virus, you will have to wait a bit longer to attend your favourite sporting event. Till things get back to normal, get into the spirit by hosting your own indoor Olympics. Have everyone in the house come up with a list of events and make your own rules! Make a makeshift podium out of stacked pillows and give a treat to the winners!

Learn another language

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Before that big Europe trip, you have been planning for, how about learning some French to make some new friends? Learning the local language doesn’t just make it easier for you to get around but can also help you understand the local culture better than regular tourists. Take this time to start learning the basics of at least one language you have always wanted to learn.

Reach out to the travel community

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It is important to know that we are all in this together. Making new friends or understanding different cultures doesn’t always have to be through travel. Reach out to travel communities across forums and hosting websites on the internet. You can be an active member on these forums to help others who might be stuck in your country to understand the way out or simply reach out for emotional support in this stressful time.

Volunteer for an online class at an NGO

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Volunteering is gaining popularity across the world with travellers who want to do their bit for others while vacationing. Even if it’s for a day or a week, you can search for local NGOs from each country who would be more than eager for your services through online courses such as teaching English or skill-building activities.

Learn to take beautiful pictures

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If you are one of those who wonders how your favourite blogger manages to take those amazing images with nothing more than a smartphone, research for photography hacks is easily available on the internet through short courses or blogs which explain quick ways to get more flattering photos for you to flaunt in your next trip!

Most importantly, make sure you make good use of this time for new adventures. In your daily life when you are bogged down by chores and tasks, it can be extremely difficult to focus on finding time for these experiences you have always planned for. Try and do something new every day in the next few days and while you are at it, document your journey through a photoblog or a journal to remember this special time!

‘Curated by Neha Bhise’