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6 Travel Shows on Netflix That Will Be Worth The Watch in Isolation

Covid 19 has ensured that we download every single streaming platform to kill the boredom. Even those who weren’t a ‘stay-at-home’ kind of bunch are now being forced to browse for good shows to watch. The travelers within us are resting, let’s look at things from a positive perspective. Here’s your chance to finally catch up on all the good travel shows you had mentally made a note of; time to pull down the shutters, grab a big bowl of popcorn, and hit the ‘play’ button on Netflix for these following shows! 

The Kindness Diaries 

Solo travel plans rely a lot on luck, good timing, and the kindness of strangers. The Kindness Diaries revolves around Leon Logothetis, a former broker who has set out to explore the world on his motorcycle. The show puts a unique twist on relying on the kindness of strangers to make it across several destinations, as the protagonist Leon finds newer and beautiful ways to pay back the kindness. The show will reinstall your faith in humanity and kindness, something we desperately need in these painful and anxious times! 

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father 

Jack Whitehall is a famous comic with a strained relationship with his father. In this Netflix series, Jack invites his father to go on a traveling spree to foreign lands in a bid to strengthen his bond with his father. Hilarious, sarcastic, emotional, and introspective, this series will make you nostalgic for places you haven’t yet seen. With a witty take on how different generations perceive traveling, the show offers a spectacular insight into the different parts of the world and how some traits are common in every man. 

Ugly Delicious 

What goes best with traveling? Why food, of course. Award-winning chef David Chang stars in this beautiful Netflix series where he travels the culinary hotspots of the world. David is joined by several writers, activists, actors, and other reputed personnel as the show attempts to break the several barriers between countries and races. Smart, funny, emotional, and delicious, Ugly Delicious is a must-watch for those who like their travels with a pinch of social issues. 

Tales by Light 

Photographers from all over the world have played a major part in enticing us to travel. Tales by Light is a compilation of stories wherein several reputed photographers showcase their grit and efforts in capturing the best shots of this planet. The show takes us on a unique journey along with these photographers and we finally get to see how incredibly hard it is to be a photographer on the road. Tales by Light is a beautiful and inspiring watch for any soul willing to commit their life to photography. 

Night on Earth 

Essentially a nature documentary series, Night on Earth showcases our beautiful planet during nighttime. As the entire animal kingdom prepares for a life after sunset, Night on Earth spins a gorgeous take on this heaven which we call Earth. Simple yet effective storytelling with remarkable visuals, Night on Earth will make you fall in love with our planet. The series also has some guest narration by some of the most reputed personnel on this planet, a sheer delight for all our senses. 

Our Planet 

Perhaps the most renowned nature series on Netflix, Our Planet is a treat for the eyes as well as the ears. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the series showcases some of the best nature visuals on screen. Captured with painstaking precision, this series is a testimony to the hardworking photographers and our gorgeous planet. Each episode is dedicated to a new wonder, where SDA walks us through what it’s like to be a part of the wilderness on this planet. A must-watch for those who grew up with NatGeo travel shows in their living rooms. 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange

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