6 Travel Books That Can Take You Places Without Leaving The House

Isolation has exposed us to our biggest enemy – boredom. Eventually, we will all run out of Netflix shows to watch, music to explore, and mobile games to play. While we must wait out this Coronavirus storm, we don’t have to be grouchy and bored. We’re forgetting our ancient allies against tough times, the allies that opened our minds and hearts to the imagination, we’re talking about books. Now it might be a bit tough to read consistently if you haven’t opened a book in ages, but patience is the key. The benefits are endless and it might get us in touch with our once beloved friends of our childhoods. Here are six books that prove that you can explore the world without leaving your bed! 

On the Road by Jack Kerouac 

This classic American novel tells a tale of an era where the youth was experimenting with its potential, and literature was thriving. On the Road is based on the travels of Jack Kerouac and his friends, as they travel the country against the backdrop of love, jazz, poetry, and drugs. A raw and passionate take on what it means to travel for our soul, rather than documenting it for Instagram, On the Road is a perfect monologue that hits the target with every rebellious traveler. 

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert 

One of the most popular novels of the modern era, Elizabeth Gilbert documents her travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia in this beautiful book. Apart from being documented into a blockbuster movie starring Julia Roberts, the book has also inspired countless individuals to escape their comfort zone and explore the world. Humble, emotional, and thought-provoking, this book can alter your life and open up a window to your soul. A heady blend of romance and spirituality, Eat, Pray, Love is the perfect book to explore during these stressful times. 

The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux 

Asia during the 1970s was a vibrant and exciting affair. The continent attracted millions of tourists due to its exotic and colorful flavour. The Great Railway Bazaar is the documentation of American writer Paul Theroux as he explores Asia with the help of the continent’s railway network. A strange, unique, and mysterious book that perfectly encapsulates the continent, The Great Railway Bazaar is an incredible and irresistible book. 

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer 

Into the Wild is the story of Christopher McCandless, an American resident who left everything and severed every tie with society and escaped into the Alaskan wilderness. After his tragic death, Christopher’s essay – “Death of an Innocent” was published in the newspaper. Into the Wild is an emotional and uplifting story of a free spirit, penned down beautifully by Jon Krakauer. The book takes us through Christopher McCandless’ journey into the wilderness, right till his unfortunate demise. 

Life of Pi by Yann Martel 

Although Ang Lee’s adaption of this beautiful book into a movie is breathtaking, it still lacks the impact which the novel has on its readers. Life of Pi is a philosophical and thought-provoking novel penned down by the talented Canadian writer Yann Martel. For those who are unaware of the story, the book tells the tale of a young stranded traveler along with an unusual companion. The book will make you laugh, weep, and nod in agreement at several parts, and is a must-read for those who often question our connection with nature. 

The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto “Che” Guevara 

A book that changed solo traveling and biking, the Motorcycle Diaries is the documentation of Che Guevara’s travels during his early days. The Cuban revolutionary and freedom fighter spent most of his money and his early days biking across the country and observing the plight of his people. If you are a biking enthusiast, this book will change your perception of riding a bike down the highway and will open your eyes to the limitless possibilities this world has to offer. 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange