Golconda Fort

Do You Like Spooky Tales? This Story of Golconda Fort will Give You Chills

Friday 13, October 2017

After the sound and light show at the Golconda Fort, a few spook-seeking friends decided to stay back past the deadline, which is 6 pm. Rumors are that afterdark, the fort transforms into a paranormal hub, and anyone who stays back after the 6 pm mark would definitely encounter the spectre. The group of friends, upon hearing such rumors, decided to stay back, and ‘see the dead come alive’!

Right after all the visitors had left, they had their first encounter. The Ownerless Shadows!

Long shadows of people walking around bounced off the giant walls around them, and they clearly had no owners. And before they could recover, they were faced with the next one – The Clinking of Anklets!

Eyes popped out, and hearts pumping hard, they could only stand-still and listen to the chan-chan that moved around them in circles. Suddenly, as they kept listening, the clinking stopped. A few seconds of dead silence followed. But the silence stayed only for a few seconds as what followed was a soul piercing shriek that echoed across the entire vicinity of the fort.

With that, the group of friends just fired their way out the fort like round shots out of cannons.

(Taken from Times of India, October edition., 2017)


The Golconda fort was built in the 13th century by the Kakatiyas, the ruling dynasty of Andhra Pradesh. In 1364 AD, the Bahamini dynasty acquired the possession of the fort.

Source: wikimedia commons

Later, in 1518 AD, after the formation of Qutb Shahi dynasty by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the fort was declared as it’s capital. Since then, over a period of 60 years, the fort underwent numerous reconstructions by the first three Qutb Shahi kings.

Taramati and the Sultan

Source: hyderabadstory

Taramati, and her sister Premamati, were dancers and courtesans of Abdullah Qutb Shah. Taramati was admired for her beauty, and her impeccable dancing skills. She was also a melodious singer. Sultan was so mesmerized by her beauty and talents that he finally fell in love with her.

Taramati and Sultan

Source: Times of India

Taramati passed away in 1672 AD, and as a tribute, she was buried along with the Queens and Qutb Shahi kings, at the royal cemetery.

Is it really haunted?

Source: wikimedia commons

The most popular rumor revolving around the fort is that of the ghost of Taramati. Many claim that they have spotted Taramati dancing at the Baradari, the dance stage at the royal courtroom.

Some visitors, like the ones mentioned at the beginning, claim to have seen ownerless shadows gliding around. There are also reports of old pictures on the wall and utensils being hurled against the walls.


Source: facebook

Similar experiences have been reported by many film crews as well, who happened to stay past late hours. Many newspapers have also reported the same, but credibility of those reports still remain doubtful.

Many people believe that these are all pure publicity stunts to attract more visitors to the fort. Could it be the actual truth behind the so-called ghosts? Only Taramati knows!

But, apart from the rumors and tell-tales, the Golconda fort is a symbol of grandeur. A visit to this place will instantly take you back in time, and leave you wondering ‘how breathtaking the place would have been during its heydays!’ It’s one of the most amazing places in India everyone must visit.

Curated by: Kiran Reghunath