‘The Whale’ To Be Norway’s Next Stunning Visitor Attraction

A Scandinavian country known for fishing, hiking, and skiing, Norway offers a range of natural and historic tourist attractions. While the spectacular scenery will keep you fixated, the stunning fjords, spectacular mountains and glaciers will make you fall in love with the place. When visiting Norway, you can expect to be treated with a mix of cultural and natural wonders. While the first picture that we get with the mention of Norway is of northern lights, the country is all set to open another stunning attraction for visitors very by 2020. 

The Whale

Known as ‘The Whale’, the architectural creation offers tourists a perfect place to spot migrating whales, up, close, and personal. The attraction will be located  300 km north of the Arctic Circle, in Andenes. Offering stunning views of the landscape of the island, the building lets your enjoy the sight of whales migrating from here.

Andenes attracts thousands of whale watchers. Drawing over 50000 visitors every year, the place has been chosen for the construction of The Whale, which is expected to become a favourite among tourists who love to spot the whales. The place is known as an ideal location for whales because it is windswept, cold, and the water is full of squids. It makes an ideal spot for sperm whales.

‘The Whale’ will be reportedly constructed by a Danish architecture firm, Dorte Mandrup. The structure looks like a whale that is growing out of the ground, and rises naturally, like a soft hill. Imagine beholding the alluring views of the island from the rocky shore of Andenes! You can walk on the roof, and enjoy the midnight sun at the same time!

(Curated by Priya Pareek)