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Swings In Bali- A Complete Guide To Become An Insta Star!

Imagine swinging over rice fields, towering cliffs, and lush green forests. With its latest tourism activity, Bali swing Ubud gives you the chance to do just that. Located with picturesque backdrops, these suspended swings take tourists sky-high between two enormous palm trees. The uniqueness of swings in Bali is being able to capture many breathtaking sights of the deep canyons and tropical jungles.

While its popularity has made hundreds of swings spring up all over Bali, there are a select few that offer an unforgettable experience better than the rest. To capture the photos of a lifetime, check out the best of these Instagram worthy swings.

Bali Swing Ubud

Swings in Ubud
(C) Unsplash

If you are looking for the original and authentic swing experience, then head over to the Bali Swing Ubud. This well-known provider is also called Bali Swing Bongkasa Pertiwi. Just a 20-min drive from Ubud centre, it houses numerous jungle swings ranging from 10m to even 78m above the ground. A treat for adrenaline junkies, each swing comes with its unique thrill factor because of its height from the ground.

If you are not a fan of heights, you can opt for other attractions like the “Hanging Nests”, Butterfly garden, helicopter, and heart-shaped rock, all of which come with a magnificent view overlooking the canyon and valley.

Bali swing price: 145,000- 510,000 Indonesian Rupiah

Wanagiri Hidden Hills Swing

Hidden Hills Swing of Bali
(C) Unsplash

Located in the middle of Lake Tambingan and Lake Buyan, several swing sports activities are available at a series of vantage points in the area. Apart from the swing which gives you a view of the hill and the lake, there are other interesting spots which fascinate visitors such as the human-sized bird’s nest, treehouses, and even an Indonesian interpretation of the Eiffel Tower with a giant swing overlooking the water. Head over to this one of a kind attraction as the Bali swing price here will not make you regret your decision.

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Terrace River Pool Swing

Terrace River Pool Swing
(C) Unsplash

Hanging between two palm trees, the Terrace River Pool Bali Swing Ubud offers a beautiful view of the rice terraces. With 15 different types of swings to choose from various heights, this is a must-try for those seeking an exhilarating experience. The giant bird’s nest here is famous among visitors for being a perfect prop for Instagram shots.

The prices of this swing usually range somewhere between 150,000-300,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

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Swing in Love at BAS DE ATAYANA

(C) Unsplash

Located in the village of Sribatu, Susut, Bangli Regency, Bali, this is one of the most popular and loved spots in Bali. Formerly known as I Love BAS agritourism, it has the concept of combining nature with the result of agriculture and plantation. What makes this different from other agritourism places is the opportunity for you to combine the swinging experience with a walk around local plantations and also try various types of coffee for free.

Bali swing Tegalalang is another beautiful alternative if you wish to go on swings and capture pictures of agriculture and plantation.

Price: 150,000- 250,000 Indonesian Rupiah

Blangsinga Waterfall Swing

 waterfall swing in Bali
(C) Unsplash

Just a 30-minute drive from Ubud centre, it is located at the D’tukad River Club. It is the only swing in Bali which has a variety of facilities such as a pool, restaurant, swimming, bar, and a selfie station, making it so special and different than other swings in Bali. After experiencing the swing at the edge of this paradise, enjoy sunbathing in a natural environment while you lounge at their infinity pool.

Price: 145,000- 300,000 Indonesian Rupiah

Sidemen Bali Swing

 popular Sidemen Bali Swing
(C) Unsplash

One of the most popular swings in East Bali, it is the perfect place for all those looking for a peaceful environment along with the swing experience. With a view of the river, rice fields and Mount Agung, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience while you enjoy the fresh air around you.

Price: 430,000- 510000 Indonesian Rupiah

Alas Harum Swing

Alas Harum Swing
(C) Flickr

Located close to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces, this place offers you many activities along with the swing. With three swing levels, the staff is known for being extremely attentive and friendly. Once you are done with the activity, explore their other facilities such as learning the steps of making Luwak coffee. Enjoy their private terrace view or simply talk a walk on their glass floor.

Bali swing Ubud price at a little more than 500,000 Indonesian Rupiah makes ‘swinging’ an affordable activity for all tourists coming to this popular town.


  1. Pregnant Women and anyone suffering for heart ailments should avoid this adventure activity.
  2. Always wear comfortable footwear.
  3. Ensure you Bali Swing Ubud provider follows all safety protocols.
  4. Wear harness at all times when you are sitting on the swing.


  • Try to reach as early as possible, the later you go, the longer will be the waiting queue.
  • Wear bright coloured outfits to stand out from the evergreen Balinese jungle background.
  • The main stars are obviously the swings. But there are also giant “nests” modelled after bird nests that you can sit and admire the view in.

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