The Super Pink Moon Got Even More Super This Year!

The Pink Moon that showed up on Tuesday (April 7) night was the ‘Biggest Supermoon’ of the year.

The Pink Moon or Super Moon occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth. It does not, necessarily, appear pink. It just appears more golden, as it is closer. The name comes from a kind of pink flowers called the Moss Phlox, found in North America, that bloom around the time of April’s Full Moon.

Many people were able to witness this wonderful sight. Below is a collection of ‘Pink Moons’ as seen from different parts of the world:

Beijing, China


Source: CGTN

Berlin, Germany


Source: Bloomberg

Rome, Italy


Source: Reuters

Moscow, Russia


Courtesy: Alexander Zemlianichenko

Dubai, UAE


Source: Reuters

Ohrid, North Macedonia


Courtesy: Stojan Stojanovski

The twitter community also got flooded with loads of ‘Pink Moons’ from various parts of the world.

‘Saw it written and saw it say, the Pink Moon is on its way’
~ “Pink Moon”, Nick Drake

Curated by: Kiran Reghunath