Best Resorts near Mumbai: Go Green at These Sustainable Resorts!

Winter in Mumbai is not so extreme as compared to the northern states of India, but it certainly makes the climate very pleasant. To complement that weather, there are a bunch of best resorts near Mumbai where you will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather to the fullest. These eco-resorts near Mumbai have a different charm during the winter season and they provide a holistic experience sustainably. Let’s find out more about them!

Best resorts near Mumbai: Within 150 km


Source: Machan

Not very far from Mumbai, in the laps of lush green mountains is a place called Machan. Inspired by traditional architecture found in rural Maharashtra, Machan offers a romantic getaway in an eco-friendly and sustainably built treehouse. Apart from the quaint stays, Machan offers a wide range of activities that include treks to nearby forts, caves, and temples. Yoga, Star Gazing, Bonfire, Sight-Seeing, are some of the many indulging activities carried out during your stay. The place is powered by renewable energy sources, which eventually reduces the pressure on the environment in which they operate.

Distance: 98 km
Route: Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway

Gandhar Eco Lodge

Gandhar Eco Lodge
Source: gandharecolodge

Located in Alibaug, one of Mumbai’s favorite weekend getaways, Gandhar Eco Lodge is one of those resorts near Mumbai which promotes eco-tourism in rural areas with a sustainable approach. It is located amidst the serene environment of Alibaug that promises a complete eco-friendly stay with your loved ones. Also, you get to pick the vegetables for your meal right from their garden with the help of local caretakers. The place lets you indulge in various recreational activities like statue making, garland making, or rangoli making. If you think you can be in your room all day with your phone then you are mistaken because the property has no Wi-Fi and internet access, as they want the guest to try a digital detox.

Distance: 105 km
Route: NH 66

Forest Hills Tala

Best resorts near Mumbai
Source: foresthillstala

Forest Hills, a popular Eco-friendly resort near Mumbai, offers both luxury and company of nature, only 5 hours away from the city. They practice sustainable living at their Eco-stay by using materials like lime plaster and laterite extracted from the location, for building the property. Apart from these things, they also practice rainwater harvesting, vermicomposting, organic farming, and many other activities that create a sustainable environment for people who come here for leisure and for those who operate the place. At the property, you can enjoy nature trails, cycling, horse riding, kayaking, etc.

Distance: 135 km
Route: NH 66

Resorts near Mumbai: Within 200 km

Avanti Kalagram

Best resorts near Mumbai
Source: Avanti Kalagram

Avanti Kalagram is one of the beautiful resorts near Mumbai for family that knows the art of blending nature and cultural activities, perfectly. Nalanda Prathistan Trust started this place to promote rural arts while also letting travelers stay close to nature. For an art lover, it’s a great place to be and interact with rural artists and help them promote their livelihoods through art. Travelers can indulge in various activities like batik painting, pottery making, etc. Adventure lovers can also enjoy rappelling, zip-lining, and rafting at a very minimal cost.

Distance: 156 km
Route: Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway

Grape County

Grape county
Source: justdial

The Eco-resort is one of the few places committed to creating a self-sustaining ecosystem where both animals and human beings live in harmony. This luxury setup is built right next to reserved forestland. The grape county offers an unparalleled combination of luxury and nature. Encounter the local wildlife up close with a trek through dense forests and nature trails. Explore the stunning water body by kayaking. It is a place where nature lovers can go trekking, bird watching, etc. People can also enjoy other activities such as horse riding, wine tours, fishing.

Distance: 171 km
Route: NH 160

Eco- resorts near Mumbai: Within 250 km

Dongarmatha Eco-Care Resort

Best resorts near Mumbai
Source: Dongmatha Eco Care

Perched on a hill-top in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, this resort is located at a distance of 250-km from Mumbai. Most of its structure is constructed using bamboo with very minimal support from concrete and steel. Bird watching trails are something they promote extensively, without disturbing the ecology. They also focus on creating a livelihood for the locals through folk music, dance, and handicrafts, thus allowing the guests to understand the Eco-system and local lifestyle up close.

Distance: 233 km
Route: NH 66

Amrutes’ Nisarga Sahavas

The ecological farm stay is based on the concept of ‘Responsible element’. Host Ashish Amrute offers stellar hospitality in the warmth of an untouched natural environment. Every accommodation in this sustainable setup is close to nature. The accommodation here ranges from a quaint rustic tree hut to a cottage with a rural look. From Ukdiche Modak to Puran Poli and Kothimbirvadi to Aluwadi all have a unique and flavor-packed taste to it. Visit the farm stay if you are finding an escape from worldly distractions.

Source: justdial

Travelling is becoming an integral part of our lifestyle. Hence, we must strive to be responsible travelers and support sustainable traveling. These eco-friendly resorts near Mumbai are setting a great example for us by promoting such living experiences. With this, we can collectively reduce the impact of our actions on the environment!

(Curated by Saumitra Shinde)