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5 Stages Of A Traveller’s Grief In Corona Times

After being declared a Pandemic by the WHO, CoronaVirus (Covid 19) has brought everything to a standstill. The entire world has gone under lock down, with several tourist-heavy cities putting a complete ban on any group activities or even travelling. Although these quarantine methods are quintessential in dealing with the virus outbreak, they are severely hampering every major travel plan. Travel enthusiasts & travel bloggers are in utter disbelief as borders are locked and air carriers have cancelled tickets.

While it is certainly not an ideal situation to be in; while we are here let’s do the one thing we are good at – Rant and Vent!!


While 2020, in general, has been a year of grimness and grumpiness, it all started as January brought with it some faint tidings about a new virus outbreak in Wuhan, China. Travelling all around the country was still allowed, despite Wuhan being locked down. Little news of the actual cause or the intensity of the virus was shared by the mainstream media, leading to most of the world being blissfully unaware of the growing threat and a feeling of “Oh! China is like Far!”

Bam! came February and with it a growing worry within some parts of the world, however, all was still well.


Come March, the heavily affected countries such as Italy, Spain, USA and France, finally issued a strict lock down. No public events or gatherings would be allowed, putting most of the population under house arrest. The news was a wrecking ball to travel plans and gatherings all over the world. And Boy! People were angry. The World – Locked, till further notice. 


The quiet and hopeful ones among us tried to work their way around this outbreak. Surely, it wasn’t as bad as the media’s claims? But lo and behold! Tickets were cancelled, schedules experienced last-minute changes, and travellers hunted for countries that weren’t hit by the outbreak yet and then the grim spectre of reality hit us all! There would be no way out of this, at least in the foreseeable future.


Naturally, things went south really fast. As it is with massive virus outbreaks, the death toll increased more than 70,000 and things were muted and pained everywhere. Now in terms of reality, the only option was to be patient till things got better. It became a waiting game to see not IF but WHEN and WHERE would the virus strike next.


Finally, acceptance came among chants of ‘Go Corona!’, memes of Isolation and ‘Will you be my Quarantine?’ As is true with most human tragedies, laughter and with it acceptance is the road to recovery! We are in this together and with little patience, lots of love, and hordes of empathy – We Shall Overcome!

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange 

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